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This amazing lesson gives all the questions found in the third program of the "Pathway to Paradise" series "Journey through the Stars" but a few extra texts are included in the answers. There is also a lot of extra information not covered in the DVD or TV Broadcast in the notes that open up some very clear information to help us not to be decieved about the Second Coming. Boys and girls can learn how to work out who the many false Christs and false prophets are along with the many false theories on the Second Coming that Jesus warned us would be found even in many modern day churches and religions. It is so important to know all the exact facts that Jesus gives us about His Second Coming because it will determine whether we are lost or saved. Jesus wants every boy and girl to be saved so study this lesson carefully and share it with your friends and family. Tell other boys and girls about the web site too so that they can share this exciting information from Jesus. David Gilmore