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The Ellen G White Estate The Ellen G. White® Estate, Incorporated, is an organization created by the last will and testament of Ellen G. White to act as her agent in the custody of her writings, handling her properties, "conducting the business thereof," "securing the printing of new translations," and the "printing of compilations from my manuscripts."

In Defence of Ellen. G. White "You may have been hearing lies about Ellen White - Here is the Truth! Large collection of defence articles on Ellen White and the Spirit of Prophecy."

Answers to your questions regarding E.G.White "The purpose of this website is to provide answers to these charges and set forth the real Ellen White of history. In recent years, Adventist scholars specializing in Ellen White studies have produced landmark dissertations, articles, and books that provide remarkable insights into Ellen White's times, personal life, and theology. You have heard what the critics have to say. Now hear the other side."

Seventh-Day Adventist Biblical Research Institute Bible Questions Documents Bible Studies

Amazingfacts with Evangelist Doug Batchelor Amazing Facts is a ministry dedicated to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and the three angels’ messages of Revelation 14 to the entire world through television, radio, literature, live Bible and prophecy events, the internet, and evangelism training.

Other Amazing facts web sites. These sites are excellent.

The Truth about the Seventh-day Sabbath A site dedicated to the theology and history of God's Sabbath

Pioneer Memorial Church - Join us every Saturday morning for worship streamed live from the Pioneer Memorial Church at 11:30 a.m eastern time.

Women in Ministry "This website,which represents the historical Christian position, is dedicated to supporting women in ministry according to the scriptural model. We know, for instance, that in the beginning, God created both man and woman in His image, with equal value and dignity. Moreover, in the Bible, God clearly calls women to use their spiritual gifts in a myriad of different ministries. At the same time, the Creator designed men and women with distinct gender traits and appointed them to embrace different roles within the family and the church. It is Holy Scripture that calls men to be the spiritual leaders in these realms. This site assembles some of the best scholarship and media on this subject from a Seventh-day Adventist perspective."

Steve Wohlberg's Whitehorsemedia White Horse Media is a Christian media ministry. Our name was carefully chosen for many reasons and is based upon the book of Revelation's unique description of Jesus Christ triumphantly riding "a white horse" when He returns to planet Earth at His Second Coming. White Horse Media is directed by television producer, radio host, and international seminar speaker Steve Wohlberg. Steve Wohlberg is the author of 25 books, has been a guest on over 500 radio and television shows, has spoken by special invitation inside the Pentagon and U.S. Senate, and has been featured three times on The History Channel in documentaries about the book of Revelation (Secrets of the Seven Seals; The Nostradamus Effect: Armageddon Battle Plan; Strange Rituals).

SDA Speakers at Hope Media.“Tired of the same sermons? Rarely hear anything worth listening to? Choose from a large number of excellent sermons from SDA evangelists here.”

Dr Samuel Pipim seeks to restore among Bible-believing Christians the spirit of the early Bereans (Acts 17:10, 11), by subjecting contemporary views to the test of the Holy Scriptures. "True faith consists of doing just what God has enjoined, not manufacturing things He has not enjoined."

Adventists Affirm ADVENTISTS AFFIRM is dedicated to upholding the fundamental beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and supporting its leadership in upholding those beliefs. Together with many other churches, the Seventh-day Adventist Church is feeling the impact of liberalizing trends, eroding confidence in the authority of the Bible in defining belief and practice.The purpose of ADVENTISTS AFFIRM is to address issues involving doctrine and practice faced by the church, and to do so on the basis of the Bible and the writings of Ellen White.

The Source Your Seventh-day Adventist companion in understanding Daniel and Revelation, marking the theological waymarks of last-day events in their chronological order, establishing the historicist interpretation of Scripture, and much more. THE SOURCE, a multi-author site, also includes research contributed by Adventist scholars on such subjects as the Sanctuary, the Sabbath, Daniel and Revelation, Righteousness by Faith, and more, arranged topically.

Adventist Defence League  ...defending the truth while spreading the 3 Angels messages of Revelation 14...

Faith & Fotografia

Michael Scheiflers Bible Light Home A good collection of Bible studies, information and topics.

Religious Liberty-celebrating freedom of conscience

3angelstube providing video proclaiming the 3 angels messages The mission of (3AT) is to provide video on demand and live programming that proclaim the three Angels messages and the beliefs of the Seventh - day Adventist Church to the world. The goal is to edify and equip viewers for the second coming of Christ with Christ-centered programming and advertisements that presents the Gospel and the three angels' messages, which calls individuals out of confusion and into the true worship of our Creator God and the restoration of his people.

Official Site of the Seventh-Day Adventist World Church

3 ABN (3 Angels Broadcasting Network) - Broadcasting the Three Angels Messages around the World

Hope Media Ministry Centre On this site find media you can watch & listen for free & also purchase DVD video and CD audio.

E.G.White books in mp3 free download. For those who are visually impaired or would just like to listen mp3 books are available.

Remnant Publications - Providing books and media

Beyond Patmos - Videos, Online courses, Study guides

Steps to Life - Christian books and Film Studio - Australia

Pickle-publishing - Books and Videos on Theology and Health