Recommended Books

Here are some books that are highly recommended reading

The Hidden Agenda by Jan Voerman is a must read for every Christian. It exposes how satan and his demons have become involved church evangelism. It show satan's techniques for church growth. Not to make the church a success. But to destroy the church from the inside while making them seem to grow. The age of Aquarius is with us; the age of the Spirit. We are living in a time of transition. Success in today's world will depend on our ability to change. Is it a change for the better if we follow the new mind set? The Hidden Agenda will give you clear insight. Did you ever wonder what is going on in the churches? Where are we heading to? We are urged to leave the old paths behind. Traditional methods and insights are outdated. We are confronted with new forms of worship: popular music styles, contemplative spirituality, seeker friendly messages, and new truths and insights. Church growth leaders aim at mega churches. A new way of thinking is propagated and everybody should toe the line! Is the current revival a blessing or is it a counterfeit movement? Read how a destructive tsunami of signs and wonders rolls across the world claiming millions of unsuspecting victims. The Hidden Agenda not only sounds a clear warning but shows the way out.

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Will true Christians vanish in a rapture? Will seven years of apocalyptic terror overtake those left behind? Will earth's nations attack Israel at Armageddon? Bestselling books like Left Behind and popular apocalyptic movies predict such things. Are they correct?

End Time Delusions is Steve Wohlberg's most comprehensive book on prophecy separating facts from speculative fiction and revealing what the Bible really teaches about Earth's last days. Explores the rapture, the 7-year tribulation theory, antichrist, Israel, Babylon, God's temple, Armageddon, the Protestant Reformation, Preterism, Historicism, Futurism, Islam in prophecy, the Ten Commandments, salvation by grace, the purification of God's people from all traditions of men, and the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Can be bought in either DVD or book form. Read what Christians from all denominations are saying about this book. End Time Delusions Reviews

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Paperback book 251 pages. Copyright 2001. ISBN 0-9711134-0-8
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Supernatural Forces are Mustering for Earth's Last Battle
The Great Controversy Is Drawing to a Close!

Every person on earth; all the beings in heaven; and all the forces of evil will soon be involved in earth's final battle. The war that began in heaven is nearing its end! In the struggle for the souls of men, women, and young people the Holy Spirit and the spirits of demons will exhibit tremendous power and influence. Already many people are making decisions that will affect their eternal destiny. Those who follow God will receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit in the form of the Latter Rain. Those who reject God's way, even while claiming to be Christians, will be bound by the forces of evil, and will commit the unpardonable sin. In his typical research style the author sets the stage for the last great conflict and provides confidence for victory in the power of Christ.

"We who know the truth should be preparing for what is soon to break upon the world as an overwhelming suprise." Ellen G. White, Testimonies for the Church, vol.8., p.28


  1. Not Against Flesh and Blood
  2. World War III
  3. The Spirit of God at Work
  4. The Early Rain
  5. The Voice of Conscience
  6. The Violation of Conscience
  7. The Unpardonable Sin
  8. The Great False Revival
  9. Spirits of the Dead
  10. Spiritualism Invades the Church
  11. Weighing the Evidence
  12. Rome's Rebirth
  13. End Times in Focus
  14. My Spirit Will Not Always Strive With Man
  15. It's Time for the Latter Rain
  16. Putting On the Armor of God
  17. Laodicean, Militant, and Victorious
  18. Time and Eternity

G. Edward Reid

G. Edward Reid is the director of the Stewardship Department for the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists. He is an ordained minister, licensed attorney, public speaker, and student of Bible prophecy. His books include Battle of the Spirits; Even at the Door; Ready or Not, Sunday's Coming! and It's Your Money! (Isn't It?).

Ed and his wife, Kathy, have conducted hundreds of money management seminars and have counseled many people who were seeking financial management assistance.


Paperback: 128 pages Copyright 2001
Publisher: Hart Research Center
ISBN-10: 1-878046-29-2

"As Adventism burns with intense heat in the third world," author Russell Burrill writes in the first chapter of this book, "it barely flames in its homelands... Hiring pastors to do the work of the ministry while the laity pay, attend, and observe is not God's plan for the Adventist church."

What the author proposes here is indeed revolutionary–nothing less than a radical change in how we Adventists "do church." He contends that both pastors and laity have strayed from their biblically assigned roles.

Regardless of how things may have been done in the church for decades now, ministry–soul-winning, evangelistic ministry–is not the primary task of Adventist pastors. As the author clearly establishes from the Bible, the chief job description of pastors is to train lay men and women for ministry. Likewise, the laity must cease delegating away its evangelistic privileges and responsibilities to a paid "priesthood" and rediscover the power of "the priesthood of all believers.

For those comfortable with the status quo of laity as spectators and pastors as the performers of ministry, this book may be less than fully welcomed. But for those eagerly awaiting the second Pentecost, the ideas proposed here–if implemented–will prove to the spark that ignites it.

Russell Burrill

Russell Burrill, director of the North American Division Evangelism Institute since 1985, is a pastor, evangelist, and church consultant. Books he has written include The New World OrderRevolution in the ChurchRadical Disciples for Revolutionary ChurchesThe Revolutionized Church of the Twenty-first CenturyRekindling a Lost PassionHope When Your World Falls ApartCreating Healthy Adventist Churches Through Natural Church Development, and Waking the Dead.


Read the story of Roger Morneau, a Canadian merchant seaman, who in 1946, just after the second world war became involved in devil/spirit worship in Montreal Canada. Learn how a God whom he did not know saved him from eternal ruin and led him to bible Christianity. Read what Satan and his demons are planning and how they are doing everything they can to destroy humanity in the final conflict between good and evil.


These three books are Roger Morneau's testimony about the reality of answered prayer. Since writing Incredible Answers to Prayer Roger Morneau has received hundreds of letters and phone calls from people eager to share how God has blessed as they learned of the power of intercessory prayer and put it into practice. Often they would invite the author to join them in praying for individuals, and together they would see the Lord work in joyous and surprising ways.

"The Spirit of God has been transforming lives, remedying desperate conditions, and providing victory for the hopeless," says Morneau. In these inspiring books he shares many of these marvelous stories.

The author addresses questions that people frequently ask about intercessory prayer, and discusses preventive prayer. He outlines steps we can take to bring the power of God into the lives of those we pray for, and tells how we can preserve our vital relationship with God. He also explains how intercessory prayer can allow God to send the Holy Spirit more fully to fight our love ones' battle against sin.

In his books he addresses some of the most frequently expressed concerns. Guilt that God cannot forgive them. Estranged families. Crippled or destroyed careers. The grief of parents who find their professionally-trained children rejecting their church and their belief in God. Confusion sown by those who criticize and attack the church.

Morneau shares the counsel he offered these hurting men and women, and relates thrilling stories of God's intervention. He also shows how each reader can walk more closely with God, share His power and love with others, and receive incredible answers to prayer.

"I refuse to accept the widespread notion that there isn't much one can do except to ask the Lord to watch over erring loved ones. We can claim the merits of the blood Christ shed on Calvary. And if we understand how that divine power can be enlisted for the salvation of those who have departed from God, we can expect mighty miracles of redemption to take place in the lives of those we pray for." – Roger Morneau


Deceptions in the last days

"I told God I would do anything for Him. But I never thought He would send an angel to tell me to destroy people. Firing those shots was the most difficult thing I had done to please Him." – Sharon Lee Hatstead

Sharon Lee was a devoted, fourth-generation Seventh-day Adventist. What horrifying events led her to become a killer for God? Roger Morneau reveals the tactics Satan used to entice members of her Bible study group into heresy, vandalism, robbery, and murder. Beware of Angels is a chilling demonstration of how Satan can deceive even those armed with the truth.Church leaders urged Roger Morneau to tell this story and use his unique understanding of the supernatural to help God's people avoid the satanic deceptions that even now threaten to destroy them. Beware of Angels is shared with the hope that it will open the eyes of God's commandment-keeping people before it is too late.

Roger J. Morneau

Roger Morneau was a retired salesman who had dedicated his life to an intercessory prayer ministry. He wrote A Trip Into the Supernatural, Incredible Answers to Prayer, More Incredible Answers to Prayer, When You Need Incredible Answers to Prayer, and The Incredible Power of Prayer.

Evangelical Christians affirm together that a dreadful destiny awaits those who reject God's grace throughout life. According to the traditional view, that destiny will involve unending conscious torment in hell. However, believers are increasingly questioning that understanding, as both unbiblical and inconsistent with the character of God revealed in the Scriptures and in the man Jesus Christ. This internationally acclaimed book--now fully updated, revised, and expanded--carefully examines the complete teaching of Scripture on the subject of final punishment. It concludes that hell is a place of total annihilation, everlasting destruction, although the destructive process encompasses conscious torment of whatever sort, intensity, and duration God might require in each individual case.